Michael Woods

Vice President of Information Technology

CDM Smith

Symposium Roles
Speaker/Panelist 2018
Panels Participated in
Building The Intelligent Enterprise using AI, ML, Mobility, and Cloud Services (2018)

Michael Woods is currently Vice President of Information Technology at CDM Smith, a leading engineering and construction firm that provides lasting and integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy, and facilities to public and private clients worldwide. He oversees all aspects of the technology organization, including cloud, AI and machine learning research and strategies for improvement of critical business systems, sustainable innovation, and technology practices.

Current areas of focus include improving business processes and practices through robotic process automation, using leading-edge middleware tools and IoT data streams to improve business operations, and reducing time to deliver on key projects. Mr. Woods’ efforts to rebuild a highly virtual infrastructure have allowed the technology teams to refocus on leading-edge cloud technologies in these areas. Additionally, this has resulted in the ability to accelerate innovative technology research and processes, and significantly reduced the needs of staff focusing on operations and day-to-day maintenance activities. His vision of the future to provide engineering services enabled by AI and machine learning will provide a significant advantage for the firm to win new work based on the ability to deliver innovative solutions with significantly higher value to the clients.

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