George Westerman

Principal Research Scientist

MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

Symposium Roles
CIO Award Team Member 2018 (Co-chair), 2017 (Co-chair), 2016 (Co-chair), 2015 (Co-chair)
Speaker/Panelist 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015
Panels Participated in
Creating a Digital Culture (2018)
Insights from the Leadership Award Finalists (2018)
The CIO Adventure: Insights from the Leadership Award Finalists (2017)
Preparing for the Future of Work (2017)
Developing your Organization’s Skills for the Digital Future (2016)
Leading Digital: A Manifesto for IT and Business Executives (2015)

George Westerman is a Principal Research Scientist with the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and Faculty Director for Workplace Learning in the MIT Jameel World Education Lab.  His research and teaching focus on digital technology leadership and innovation. He serves as a board member for the Technology Business Management Council, co-chair of the annual MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Awards, and faculty director for the MIT Sloan course “Essential IT for the Non-IT Executive.”

Book: Leading Digital

Dr. Westerman contributes regularly to publications such as Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.  He is co-author of three award-winning books. The most recent, Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation, was named a top ten book of 2014 by Business Digest and silver medalist in the 2015 Axiom Business Book Awards. The prior book, The Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value, was named the #1 book of the year in its field. His research and writing have won numerous other awards.

Prior to joining the MIT Sloan School in 2002, Dr. Westerman earned a doctorate from Harvard Business School, and gained more than thirteen years of experience in product development and technology management. He regularly conducts keynote presentations and senior executive workshops with companies around the world.



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