Alston Ghafourifar

CEO and Co-Founder

Entefy Inc.

Symposium Roles
Speaker/Panelist 2018
Panels Participated in
Building The Intelligent Enterprise using AI, ML, Mobility, and Cloud Services (2018)

Alston Ghafourifar is an entrepreneur and inventor on a mission to move the dial on what is technologically possible and, in doing so, make life better for everyone. He is CEO and Co-Founder of Entefy, Inc., an AI-communication company developing pioneering technologies in digital communication, security, and artificial intelligence. As CEO, Mr. Ghafourifar leads a global product team across six technical stacks operating in four time zones, and is chief architect of the company’s core technology. He is also Entefy’s lead inventor on its portfolio of 48 combined filed and issued U.S. patents in AI, communication, search, cybersecurity, data privacy, and blockchain.

Other highlights include executing key strategic partnerships in product and distribution, closing targeted M&A transactions, and raising multiple rounds of venture funding with Entefy, completing its most recent round at a $150 million valuation. He has also been a keynote speaker and guest lecturer at universities including UC Berkeley and Stanford on next-generation technology, entrepreneurship, and growth capital.

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