Winning with the Internet of Things

2:45 pm - 3:45 pm,
Sala de Puerto Rico - 2nd floor, Stratton

Barbara Haley Wixom, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (@BarbWixom)

Ed Abbo, SM '87, C3 IoT (@C3IoT)
Mark Meyer, Tetra Pak Group (#MarkMeyer @tetrapak)
Michael Nilles, Schindler Group (@MichaelNilles)
Jim Poole, Equinix (#JimPoole @Equinix)

Estimates of the IoT business market are as high $10T, leading to lots of lofty talk and strategic positioning. Some companies are embracing IoT to generate operational efficiencies and to improve customer experience. Other firms are fundamentally transforming their business models. We will discuss how companies are capturing value from IoT by looking at what drives IoT opportunities, the new capabilities required, and the investments that are needed to succeed.

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